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Photoshoot f.a.Q
        As long as I can get in for free, and that I have a ‘press pass’/permission to be right up in the front, consider me in! Contact me for more info. Note: I don’t travel alone to gigs, and I can’t stay from San Diego for now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
       At very most, three days, though that is a huge stretch. I usually go home and edit right away, but I will give myself up to three days. If it will be longer for any reason at all, I will let you know as soon as possible.
I didn’t find what I was looking for on your services page...
        Just let me know what you have in mind, and I will price it according to what it is closest to [most likely Fashion/Theme]. Looking for a wedding photographer? Know that I have not shot one before, but would absolutely love to.
What do I wear to my shoot? Do I do my own hair/makeup?
        Wardrobe depends on the type of shoot you’re scheduling. Headshots - something that you feel comfortable in, that shows your personality. Keep it simple - nothing busy. Senior portraits - keep it classy but fun, something that brings forth who you are while saying that you’re growing up. Everything else - we’ll discuss this when we set up a date.
         As far as hair and makeup goes? If you ask for it, I can try and provide it. The make-up, I can do myself. The hair, not so much. But I know people who can, and if they are available, we’ll work something out.
I can’t afford my shoot right now, what can I do?
        Well, if it is a Fashion/Themed shoot, you can invite friends and divide up the price. If you prefer to shoot alone, you can pay half now, and half later; you will not get your pictures until it is paid in full, and there are no refunds to any shoot, whatsoever. If there is ever an issue though, just let me know up front - I need to know before the shoot takes place, so I know what to expect.
Do I get a say in how my pictures are edited?
       Style? Absolutely. If you want your pictures a certain way, you need to tell me before hand. But there’s the typical Cortnie-Dee editing - high contrast, and color-or-not, as I see fit. Or there is, of course, the natural-editing - just touch-ups, no crazy coloration. I will always edit any imperfections that I think need it, no matter the style chosen - unless you specifically ask me not to.
Do I get a CD with the pictures?
        If you ask for a CD, you will get a CD! However, the pictures you will have on the CD will only be the ones I have edited - I do not release any unedited pictures, whatsoever.
When should I expect my pictures to be online?
Our band wants you to take shots of us at our next gig...
        If the subject is a person, consider it done. If the picture will be printed on fliers, posters, etc, I must be on there as well - otherwise, you will be paying me for breaking that rule. Pricing for the shoot itself is simple, though - free product, free pictures. If that is not an option, it will be thrown into the Fashion/Theme shoot category.
I want you to take pictures for my company, for advertising/marketing/promoting purposes...
        My number one pet peeve is when my models/clients show up late - especially without a warning. Ten dollars for every ten minutes - unless it is seriously an emergency. Also, be prepared - bring any props/outfits/accessories you know you’re going to want! And if your shoot is outdoors, think of how you’re going to change outfits if there isn’t a restroom.
What are some general photoshoot ettiquette rules I should know?
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